Must a registrar employ a certified lead auditor?

"A bad system will defeat a good person every time" - W. Edwards Deming

Your organization's system largely determines such outcomes as security, safety, sustainability, satisfaction and profitability.

Our training, consulting and auditing services enable you as our alumni and client to:

  • Develop the system that runs your organization into your management system
  • Refocus your system (on needs to cash or continued funding)
  • Transition your system from one standard to conformity with several standards
  • Create the one system used to run your agency, business, charity, project or ship
  • Simplify, globalize or streamline your management system
  • Engage employees so they use systems to meet objectives and other requirements
  • And, as and when required, enable first-time system certification

Our goal is to enable organizations to successfully apply process and system thinking in the real world to fulfill otherwise unattainable objectives.

Enable your management system to fulfill objectives and other requirements. Assure quality, health, safety, security, operational integrity and sustainability while preventing pollution and ensuring corporate social responsibility. Address risk, prevent loss and add value.

As certified trainers, accomplished advisors and registered auditors, we have been applying process and system thinking long before it was popular. Since 1986, QMII has been assisting organizations to "APPRECIATE YOUR MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" using the process-based system approach to increase efficiency in their organizations.

We enable leaders and their teams to use process-based management systems to add value and prevent loss.

We hope you find your visit to our place on the web helpful and informative. In this more than 26 year journey of celebrating our client's success, we will continue to share lessons learned, while protecting our clients' intellectual property.

Please tell me, Captain IJ Arora, what you want my team to do for your system to help you and your colleagues to deliver even more success.

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