Must a registrar employ a certified lead auditor?

Step One: Share Your Vision, Create Understanding and Get Involved

Share your vision

As the leader you may already have explained your vision. Have you put this vision for your team in context with your plan for developing an effective management system? Perhaps this plan includes declaring conformity or achieving registration to some international, national or industrial standards.

Your vision may go beyond mere conformity to require a system that helps your team to create and keep loyal customers (your company’s main product). Most leaders also want their systems to hasten the rate at which customer needs are converted into cash in the bank. You may also be looking for a system that enables your company to make more effective use of your computer network.

Whatever message you decide please be careful about making it seem that your company is being forced to become certified. "Blaming" an external entity abdicates leadership. The leader helps the team to own the objective and to expect the struggles ahead (overcome by persistence) in developing their management system and to appreciate the benefits of using it.

Create understanding

You and your colleagues on the leadership team need to prepare the message for bringing employees up to speed on the benefits of working systematically to discover and meet requirements. Little and often sessions with small groups are much better than a once only firework display or CEO address to everyone. Small regular sessions reinforce the extent and permanence of the system.

Employees can enjoy discovering how their system will help them in their work to add value, retain value and provide competitive advantage. Done well and with enthusiasm by the leaders can create interest and confidence within the team. Done well by external consultants still leaves team members uncertain of their leaders’ commitment and understanding of what they are being asked to do.

The employees do not need training in the chosen system standard. They need training in the company’s management system. Then, by using their system, conformity is assured. Focus training in the standard(s) on the System Manager, Task Force, the Process Owners, and the Internal Auditors.

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