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Step Eight: Earn More, Improve Teamwork and Learn More – Forever

Earn more

Many of us claim to be motivated by money. You may have worked for a company that was so badly managed the top 4 or 5 motivators were missing. These are: having influence, achieving something meaningful, being respected, feeling important and the absence of the opposites to these motivating environments.

Think about it. Beyond the basics of food and shelter, these top 4 or 5 motivators are reflected in the way many of us spend our money.

So if we do not experience the top motivators at work we tend to settle for more money so we can really motivate ourselves in the way we spend it! Whatever motivates us, your system exists to be used and improved to earn more spiritually and/or materially to satisfy user needs. This too is part of total quality and some of us realize the only money worth having is what we earn.

Improve teamwork

Do not force teams into an organization. Use the system to create an environment that encourages teams to evolve, be trained and grow strong as and where they are needed.

Drive your system with strong objectives for each process. Clear performance requirements or objectives will in time drive the need for teamwork that is real. Merely calling your system the Teamwork System or running team workshops will not do it. Make sure the training process within the system responds with timely and effective training and education for team leaders and members in the basics of teamwork.

Strengthen, do not replace, the hierarchy with the process teams; particularly the core process team. Enable these teams to endure so they translate long-term goals into short-term objectives. Teams will lose members, welcome new ones and renew themselves from time to time. Teams are not fixed; they harmonize with the life cycle of their processes.

Learn more

An organization that makes learning a priority is able to handle rapid change. Through real learning (not just the gathering of knowledge) we can respond quickly and eagerly to change. Our whole-selves are enriched through our work.

The Process Model, within your system, highlights the vital importance that the training and education processes have on every other process. Of course, you will make sure your system imparts new skills and knowledge. Do not forget education to modify behavior and attitudes to cause care for meeting customer needs (given the right example from the leaders).

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