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Step Nine: Redesign Process to Meet Renewed Objectives – Forever

Renewed objectives

Much of what we bought 5 years ago would not satisfy our needs today. Our needs seem to escalate as we work and live to raise quality of life for our families, our communities and perhaps ourselves.

One could also argue that our rising needs are not created. More and more demanding needs are waiting in line to move from our subconscious to conscious minds when it becomes possible to satisfy each of them. Successful people working with effective marketing, advertising and selling processes have applied this theory well.

For example, we show the customers of one of our competitors a way of satisfying more of their needs for less money and we will end up doing business with them unless another competitor leapfrogs both of us.

Systems help our businesses to keep pace by having objectives for every key process. Other processes within the system renew these process objectives. These key processes may include environmental and quality planning, preventive action, R & D or validating designs (of products, services and processes), by reviews of contracts (RFPs) and by system reviews by management with due regard for corporate strategy and the needs of future customers.

Redesign processes

No process is immune from the need to be redesigned. This is inherent to the life cycle of every process. The trick is to redesign it before our well loved but clunky processes make your company lose business and value. By designing your processes as well as your products, including failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA), you can improve the probability of any new process being a success from the start.

Analyze your core process again when you lean the flow (as in lean manufacturing, lean administration and lean service) or extend the scope of your system to include another product or range of products. Mergers and acquisitions should but often do not include assessment and redesign of the merged or acquired systems. New system objectives should result in preventive action so the system can help the processes and the people fulfill their objectives and its targets. Be careful of those initiatives that tend to compete against the system. Integrate newly designed processes into your system for assured 5S (or 6S with safety), TPM and six-sigma performance. Use the system to enable its core processes to add value even faster

You may also extend the scope of your system to include the supply-chain management and strategic planning to discover and deploy the new key processes as necessary for ongoing growth and sustainability.

To stay in business we have no option but to renew objectives and redesign our processes. This is the other reason for developing and using our system.

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