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Develop and Document Your Management System
Author John R. Broomfield
Publisher Quality Management International, Inc.
Publish Date 3/13/2008
Format eLearning
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This training is designed for you to learn how to develop and document your process-based management system. All system standards share the same principles, so you can apply the lessons learned over 20 years to the development of any management system to fulfill the requirements of any system standard. We are focused here on the mother of all other systems standards (ISO 9001:2008) but the principles you will learn apply to any systems standard.


Please allow about 16 hours for this class. For best results be prepared to make notes and, occasionally, to pause your study while you learn more by doing the system development project itself. You have one year to complete this learning session.


Business objectives may be driving your learning objectives. You could be starting a business. You may be preparing for growth. You could be concerned about maintaining your organization’s hard-won reputation as you grow. You may want a merger to succeed. You may want to simplify your over-documented system. You could just want to obtain “ISO Certification” as soon as possible. You also have the option of printing sample project and system documents from your computer. We recommend printing these documents in color. Please click on the ATTACHMENTS button at the top right corner of your eLearning screen.


Whatever motivates you, this is the basic training on management systems development.

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About the author: John R. Broomfield

John R. Broomfield is a Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute and is the VP responsible for management systems consulting with Quality Management International, Inc. based in Pennsylvania. He is a certified instructor of lead management system auditors and a certified lead auditor with the IRCA (since 1989) and the RABQSA qualification-based scheme. 


Since 1986 he has helped a wide variety of organizations to employ the process-approach for developing effective management systems.  These systems fulfill their objectives beyond obtaining "ISO certification".