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ISO/TS 29001: Requirements beyond ISO 9001
Author John R. Broomfield
Publisher Quality Management International, Inc.
Publish Date 10/29/2008
Format eLearning
Price $ 99.00
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This course covers the requirements of ISO/TS 29001, the technical specification for the global petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries.  It specifies requirements, additional to ISO 9001, for customers and suppliers of equipment, materials and service in the oil and gas industries.


This course is designed for professionals in the oil and gas and allied industries who have prior experience with ISO 9001 and are upgrading their quality systems to conform to ISO/TS 29001 or are preparing to audit a system for ISO/TS 29001 conformity.


Developers of management systems in the oil and gas industry may also be interested in our course to learn how to develop and document your management system.


You have 12 months from registering for this eLearning course to complete your studies.


Allow 2-4 hours to complete this course.


You may find it helpful to have a copy of ISO/TS 29001 and a notepad on hand when you take this course.


You will be taken through the additional management system and technical requirements clause by clause. The course includes handouts to assist in upgrading or auditing QMS.


Having completed our training you are entitled to a certificate according to the recorded length of your eLearning studies.  As Alumni you also qualify for our ongoing email support.


Enjoy your course.


About the author: John R. Broomfield

John R. Broomfield is a Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute and is the VP responsible for management systems consulting with Quality Management International, Inc. based in Pennsylvania. He is a certified instructor of lead management system auditors and a certified lead auditor with the IRCA (since 1989) and the RABQSA qualification-based scheme. 


Since 1986 he has helped a wide variety of organizations to employ the process-approach for developing effective management systems.  These systems fulfill their objectives beyond obtaining "ISO certification".


Also available as additional lectures to our ISO 9001 training.