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Basic Problem Solving
Author John R. Broomfield
Publisher Quality Management International, Inc.
Publish Date 9/6/2010
Format eLearning
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Solving problems for good is one of the benefits of developing your process-based management system.


Learn how to remove the root causes of problems free of charge.


This basic course introduces the Ford Global 8D methodology to problem solving.


Allow between one and two hours to learn this highly successful methodology.


Return to the course as often as you need when taking each of the eight steps.


Use it to determine and remove the root causes of the simplest problems from your organization’s system.


In other words, learn and apply this method to enable your system to assure quality, add value faster and prevent loss sooner.


Reserve our in-house workshop for more in-depth learning while working on real problems.


About the author: John R. Broomfield

John R. Broomfield is a Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute and is the VP responsible for management systems consulting with Quality Management International, Inc. based in Pennsylvania. He is a certified instructor of lead management system auditors and a certified lead auditor with the IRCA (since 1989) and the RABQSA qualification-based scheme. 


Since 1986 he has helped a wide variety of organizations to employ the process-approach for developing effective management systems.  These systems fulfill their objectives beyond obtaining "ISO certification".