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IRIS Requirements Beyond ISO 9001
Author John R. Broomfield
Publisher Quality Management International, Inc.
Publish Date 3/28/2011
Format eLearning
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Railways need "ready to run" transportation systems that meet the stringent requirements for everyday use and reliability. Every organization in the entire supply chain commits their business management system to fulfill the system, process and product requirements. Consequently companies expect to eliminate the causes of avoidable costs while improving quality. Evaluation and approval of equipment manufacturers will become more efficient. Common business management system (BMS) standards simplify both preparation and execution of the individual evaluation process leaving more time for value-adding work. Costs for manufacturers and suppliers will decrease. IRIS is an international recognized standard that includes the actual evaluation process as well as an audit and scoring methodology. It complements ISO 9001 for the unique requirements of the rail industry.

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This course is designed for professionals who have prior experience with ISO 9001 and are upgrading their quality management systems to conform to IRIS or are preparing to audit a system for IRIS conformity.

You will be taken through the additional management system and technical requirements clause by clause.  The course includes handouts to assist in upgrading your QMS to a BMS.

Please allow 2-4 hours for this class.

About the author: John R. Broomfield

John R. Broomfield is a Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute and is the VP responsible for management systems consulting with Quality Management International, Inc. based in Pennsylvania. He is a certified instructor of lead management system auditors and a certified lead auditor with the IRCA (since 1989) and the RABQSA qualification-based scheme. 


Since 1986 he has helped a wide variety of organizations to employ the process-approach for developing effective management systems.  These systems fulfill their objectives beyond obtaining "ISO certification".