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Supplier Certification
Maass, Richard A.,Brown, John O.,Bossert, James L.

Reliability Statistics
Dovich, Robert A.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Bob E. Hayes

Goldratt's Theory of Constraints
H. William Dettmer

SPC Essentials and Productivity Improvement
William A. Levinson,Tumbelty, Frank

The FDA and Worldwide Quality System Requirements Guidebook for Medical Devices
Trautman, Kimberly A., GMP/Quality Systems Expert (compiled by)

Quality Problem Solving
Smith, Gerald F.

Futuring Tools for Strategic Quality Planning in Education
William F. Alexander,Serfass, Richard W.

Principles of Quality Costs
Jack Campanella, editor

Introduction to Design of Experiments
Barrentine, Larry B.

How to Audit the Process-Based QMS
Dennis R. Arter,Cianfrani, Charles A.,John E. (Jack) West

The Handbook of Applied Acceptance Sampling
Kenneth S. Stephens

Trusting Measurement Results in the Chemical and Process Industries
ASQ Chemical and Process Industries Division

ISO 9001:2000 Explained, Second Edition
Tsiakals, Joseph J.,Cianfrani, Charles A.,John E. (Jack) West

The Certified Quality Technician Handbook
Donald W. Benbow, Ahmad K. Elshennawy, and H. Fred Walker

Statistical Quality Control Using Excel, Second Edition
Zimmerman, Steven M., Ph.D.,Marjorie L. Icenogle, Ph.D.

Improving Student Learning
Jenkins, Lee

Office Kaizen
Lareau, William

Advanced QFD Applications
Xie, M,Tan, K. C.,Goh, T. N.

Failure Mode and Effect Analysis
D. H. Stamatis

The Supplier Management Handbook, Sixth Edition
Bossert, James L. (editor),ASQ Customer-Supplier Division

ISO 9001:2000---A New Paradigm for Healthcare
Bryce E. Carson, Sr.

Computer-Based Robust Engineering
Genichi Taguchi, Rajesh Jugulum, and Shin Taguchi

Bringing Business Ethics to Life
Bjrn Andersen

Statistical Engineering
Steiner, Stefan H. & R. Jock MacKay

The Metrology Handbook
Bucher, Jay, editor

Measurement Matters
Brooks Carder and Patrick Ragan

Design of Experiments with MINITAB
Paul Mathews

Applied Statistics for the Six Sigma Green Belt
Bhisham C. Gupta,Walker, H. Fred

The Manager's Guide to Six Sigma in Healthcare
Robert Barry and Amy C. Smith

Lean-Six Sigma for Healthcare
Chip Caldwell , Jim Brexler ,Tom Gillem

The ASQ Auditing Handbook, Third Edition
J.P. Russell, editing director

The Certified Quality Process Analyst Handbook
Eldon H. Christensen, Kathleen M. Coombes-Betz, and Marilyn S. Stein

Quality Without Tears
Philip B. Crosby

Total Productive Maintenance
Steve Borris

Management Control Systems
Robert N Anthony, Vijay Govindarajan

Maritime Security
Michael McNicholas

Competing by Design: The Power of Organizational Architecture
David Nadler, Michael Tushman, Mark B. Nadler

From Resource Allocation to Strategy
Joseph L. Bower (Editor), Clark G. Gilbert (Editor)

Out of the Crisis
W. Edwards Deming

Organization Theory and Design
Richard L. Daft

Making the Connections
Bill Quirke

Now, Discover Your Strengths
Marcus Buckingham

Tomorrow's Organization: Crafting Winning Capabilities in a Dynamic World (Jossey Bass Business and Management Series)
Susan Albers Mohrman, Jay R. Galbraith, Edward E., III Lawler, & Associates

Designing the Global Corporation
Jay R. Galbraith

World Class Maintenance Management
Terry Wireman

Deming and Goldratt
Domenico Lepore

The Goal
Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Management f-Laws
Russell, L Ackoff, Herbert, J Addison, Sally Bibb

Jit Is Flow
Hiroyuki Hirano; Makoto Furuya

Tpm Team Guide (Shopfloor Series)
Nihon Puranto Mentenansu Kyokai

Focused Equipment Improvement for Tpm Teams (Shop Floor Series)
Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

Autonomous Maintenance for Operators (Shopfloor Series)
Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance

Tpm for Supervisors (Shopfloor Series)
Productivity Press

Walking the Talk: The Business Case for Sustainable Development
Chad Holliday, Stephan Schmidheiny, Philip Watts

Ten Rules for Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution
Vijay Govindarajan, Chris Trimble

The Team Handbook Third Edition (Spiral-bound)
Barbara J. Streibel, Brian L. Joiner, Peter R. Scholtes

Total Productive Maintenance in America
Society of Manufacturing Engineers

sumit testing LMS

ISO/TS 29001: Requirements beyond ISO 9001
John R. Broomfield

ISO 17025: Requirements Beyond ISO 9001
John R. Broomfield

IRIS Requirements Beyond ISO 9001
John R. Broomfield

ISM Code 2014 Requirements
Captain Inderjit Arora (IJ)

ISO 13485 Supplementary to ISO 9001
John R. Broomfield

ISO 22000 Requirements (Part 1 of 2)
John R. Broomfield

ISO 22000 Requirements (Part 2 of 2)
John R. Broomfield

Develop and Document Your Management System
John R. Broomfield

Sumit Testing LMS
Sumit Khaneja

Basic Problem Solving
John R. Broomfield