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Laboratory Management Systems and ISO/IEC 17025 Training

For laboratories, understanding measurement uncertainty is key.  Laboratories carry out testing, calibration or both.  Testing relies upon a measurement system using calibrated gages to determine characteristics in relation to a target.  Measurement uncertainty is quantified as the observed process variance attributed to the measuring system.  The measuring system is the combined effort of controls, resources, information and material used to assign values to measured characteristics.

A measuring system is part of an organizations overall management system, and for laboratories, the measuring system is often the most significant part of that system.  Laboratories develop, implement and continually improve their process-based management systems to ensure they understand, quantify, control and continually improve their measuring processes.

ISO/IEC 17025 has been developed and agreed as the international laboratory management system standard.  This standard recognizes the importance of how competent individuals contribute to controlling measurement uncertainty through their interaction with measuring equipment.  ISO/IEC 17025 provides a framework of good management practices for laboratories performing testing and calibration, but conforming to the standard does not guarantee operational excellence.  The best laboratories in the world not only seek accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025, they also develop their process-based management systems to ensure continual process improvement.

At QMII, we pride ourselves in our >20 year history of helping clients develop process-based quality management systems, long before conformity and compliance through continual process improvement became popular.  This history and approach is integrated into our training.

Instructor-led Training and Workshops:

Class Public InHouse
Overview of Laboratory Management Systems and ISO/IEC 17025   QUOTE
LMS Lead Auditor Using ISO/IEC 17025   QUOTE
LMS Internal Auditor Using ISO/IEC 17025   QUOTE
Developing a Process-based Management System   QUOTE
Analyzing Business Processes   QUOTE
Statistical Process Control (SPC)   QUOTE
Analyzing Risk Using Failure Modes and Effects Analysis   QUOTE
Performing Measurement Systems Analysis   QUOTE
Problem Solving and Corrective Action   QUOTE


Class Register
Developing and Documenting Management Systems PRICE
ISO 17025: Requirements Beyond ISO 9001 PRICE

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