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Management Systems for Government Agencies

Government Services

Your agency has a mission. Your management system allows you to achieve that mission.

Since 1986, QMII has provided consulting, training and auditing for government agencies including:

Federal Highways Administration DOE US Navy
Long Island Railroad   FDA   US Army
Amtrak   EPA   US Coast Guard
Metropolitan Transit   NASA   US Air Force
NJ Transit   USDA   US Marines
NYC Transit   GPO    

Understanding Our Clients
We understand that government agencies are held to a high standard of integrity, transparency and results. QMII has developed long-standing relationships with many Federal agencies where we have been able to provide valuable solutions to existing challenges as well as anticipate and prevent potential future problems. We are as invested in your reputation as we are ours.

Management Systems
Every organization has a management system comprising many interacting processes. The effectiveness of the entire system is determined by the effectiveness of each process and the interactivity of these processes within the system. When a system uses the process approach, it delivers assurance (confidence) and continual improvement.

Through our People>Processes>System ™ approach, our Government customers have improved their efficiency while fulfilling many internal and external requirements. For example, one of our clients was able to decrease their product processing time by 64%, increase productivity by 67%, and reduce inventory levels by 89% as seen in this case study.

QMII is certified by the Registrar Accreditation Board (RABQSA) to train management system auditors across a wide variety of industries. QMII provides training that enables people to understand business processes and management systems, system standards, how to effectively audit management systems and how to improve system performance. QMII even offers custom training including elearning to meet the needs of our clients.

QMII Auditors are available to lead your team or ours in audits that are efficient, professional, and provide value to the auditee and audit client. Our approach to audit ensures that the audit creates opportunities to enhance and strengthen the system.

How to Use QMII’S Services
Our administrative staff is experienced in assisting our Government clients. Please email or call us at 888.357.9001 today to discuss your needs and objectives.

Quality Management International, Inc. is listed on the Federal Supply Schedule under its Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) contract GS-10F-0075N for consulting (SIN 874-1), training (SIN 874-4) and support (SIN 874-5) services.

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