as 9110 internal auditor training

QMII’s AS 9110 INTERNAL AUDITOR TRAINING –  The difference between meeting the requirement and using the standard to maximize competitive strength.

QMII’s AS 9110 Internal Auditor Training provides the skills to conduct internal AS 9110 AQMS audits. You will learn to relate the requirements of AS9110 Rev. C to your aerospace quality management system. QMII’s  AS 9110 Internal Auditor Training enables auditors to not only seek conformity but also the effectiveness of the processes and the system. This course enables students to develop and apply auditing skills using any applicable management system standard. The course is also good for those students looking to attain ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Certification.

QMII has created an AS 9110 Internal Auditor training with the goal of teaching not only audit management, but also how to integrate the AS 9110 AQMS requirements into your system. The course while preparing you to conduct audits will also enable you with the knowledge to support your organization during second and third party audits.

AS9110 Internal Auditor training

In our AS9110 Internal Auditor Training course, you will learn the skills to conduct value-adding internal audits to assess conformity to AS 9110 Rev. C and management system requirements. Participants will be able to:

  • Interpret the requirements of AS9110 Revision C*
  • Understand additional aerospace requirements including AS9101 and AS9104
  • Understand the AQMS auditing process
  • Plan, perform and report audits
  • Take effective corrective action
  • Monitor, report and improve system performance
  • Management Representatives
  • Quality Assurance Directors
  • Individuals interested in conducting aerospace audits
  • Engineers
  • Consultants

This course also benefits a range of professionals including quality managers and directors, business process owners/managers, supply chain/purchasing managers, chief executives and directors.


  • Aerospace Lead Auditor Introduction
  • Lecture: Intro to Management Systems
  • Lecture: Quality Standards
  • Lecture: AS9104
  • Workshop: Terms and Definitions ISO 19011
  • Lecture: AS9110
  • Lecture: AS9101-F
  • Lecture: AS9101 Form Use Auditor Guidance
  • Exam: AS9110 Self Study


  • Workshop: Clauses 2015 Workshop
  • Workshop: Analyzing Processes
  • Lecture: Developing Process-Based Management Systems
  • Lecture: Auditing Management Systems
  • Lecture: Audit Planning and Preparation
  • Workshop: Review System Docs and Prep Audit Schedule for AS9110


  • Workshop: Review Processes and Prep Checklist
  • Lecture: Performing the Lead Audit Investigation
  • Workshop: Verifying Facts
  • Lecture: Concluding the Audit
  • Workshop: Determining NC
  • Workshop: Writing Nonconformity Statements
  • Lecture: Class Wrap Up
  • QAS Exam

Students successfully completing the course and associated tests will receive a QMII  AS9110 Rev. C Aerospace Quality Management System (AQMS) Internal Auditor certificate.