Developing yor system

The System Development Grid above is a tool used and continually improved by our clients since 1986.

This approach ensures companies:

  • Achieve first time ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and/or other system standard certifications
  • Are ready to implement continual improvement processes such as lean six sigma, business process analysis and other quality management tools
  • Can communicate with customers regarding how their systems help determine, fulfill and deliver upon customer requirements

With every iteration (well over 1000 companies have used this methodology), we improve the information so others can benefit from lessons learned.

This grid explains the People > Processes > System ™  methodology. Use this with our Action Planning Checklist to plan your project for success.

  1. Share your vision, create understanding and get involved
  2. Audit the system using a Lead Auditor, analyze and define key business processes
  3. Formalize as-is procedures and design new ones to fill gaps in the system
  4. Learn and apply new skills (auditing, environmental management, quality management techniques, etc.)
  5. Control key processes and widen preventive actions
  6. Audit and manage to initiate corrective actions and prove system integrity
  7. Manage continual improvement
  8. Earn more, improve teamwork and learn more – forever
  9. Redesign process to meet renewed objectives – forever
  10. Streamline communications (Data > Information > Knowledge > Wisdom) – Forever

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