With over US$ 1 trillion paid in bribes each year, the consequences are catastrophic, reducing quality of life, increasing poverty and eroding public trust. – ISO

Many organizations are introduced to management systems because they feel “forced” to consider ISO certification. This approach misses the tremendous opportunity ISO 37001 certification offers to to help organizations prevent, detect and address bribery.

Learn the requirements of ISO 37001 and how to integrate them into your management system. While laws exist to curb bribery learn the anti-bribery measures that you can implement as an organization. The integrations of ISO 37001 into the management system demonstrates to stakeholders the commitment of the leadership towards anti-bribery.

In our ISO 37001:2016 Executive Overview Course, you will learn:

  • ISO 37001:2016 requirements for implementing an anti-bribery management system.
  • Leadership requirements for defining a policy and communicating it.
  • Anti-bribery controls including financial and commercial controls.
  • How to integrate the requirements of ISO 37001 into your existing management system.
  • How to conduct a risk assessment.
  • Persons managing the anti-bribery program
  • Senior Managers/Leadership
  • Corporate Governance Officers
  • Improvement Specialists


  • Lecture: Intro to Management Systems
  • Lecture ISO 37001
  • Lecture: Developing Process-Based Management Systems
  • Lecture: Risk Management
  • Workshop: Identifying risks and implementing controls


  • Lecture: Intro to Management Systems
  • Lecture: ISO 37001
  • Workshop: Identifying risks and implementing controls

Attendees successfully completing the training provided receive a Certificate  of Participation, which includes the number of training hours attended.