QMII has for 30 plus years provided our clients the best in industry training, auditing and consulting services. Maritime discipline has been a QMII expertise. We have assisted main companies, Flag States and shore based maritime organizations to establish reliable maritime management systems. From the experience gained we have worked with our IT partners and brought out the Ship Expert Enterprise (SEE) is a Web-based configurable Fleet Management Solution.


The system already has Class NK approved PMS, Spare Parts Inventory Management and Condition Monitoring (Condition based maintenance module) system.


SEE is a seamlessly integrated modular application developed for ship owners, managers and operators to improve operational and financial efficiency. The application can be hosted or deployed on premise. The extensive research put into designing SEE has produced a rich, UI, highly responsive, user friendly system providing the following cutting edge features:


  • Ease of navigation & high level of intuitiveness
  • Three-tab concept – Alerts/tasks, processes and reports all with a unique feature of navigation from alerts to processes
  • Assists ship management companies to plan, execute, record, monitor, analyse, make decisions and control their various complex business processes driving by internal policies
  • Includes Fleet Operational Performance Analytics (FOPA), a customizable Business Intelligence Suite packed with desirable features. It offers any combination or all of 14 modules as a package with seamless integration for managing the maintenance of assets, e-procurement & repair management, multi-national crew management seamlessly integrated with the finance & accounting system, monitoring and analysing fleet post-fixture operations, dry dock repair management integrated with Planned Maintenance System (PMS) and accounting, fleet wide management of controlled and uncontrolled documents, Safety Management System (SMS) integrated with an ISM / ISPS reporting system
  • Ability to attach one or more files to any record across the modules
  • Elimination of duplication and multiple data entry due to the structure, work flow, and business logic for ease of sharing information and data within modules and with third-party applications
  • All modules include powerful MIS user defined reports which can be automated to Excel or PDF for mailing or export across all modules

The Data Replication Engine of SEE is arguably the best of its class.

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