QMII’s Maritime Cyber Security Overview training gives students an understanding of the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and how to apply the controls to prevent cyber incidents and breaches.  Understand how process-based management systems conforming to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ensure that Information Security (infoSec) requirements are accurately determined and consistently fulfilled.

In order to effectively manage the challenges, personnel need to understand the role they can play in enabling  an effective Information Security Management System. This Maritime Cyber Security Overview introduces students to the basic cyber-hygiene needed at all levels of the system and actions to take when they detect a non-confomrity. MSC-FAL.1/Circ.3 refers to ISO 27001:2013 as one of the industry best practices that may be applied to maritime organizations to address cyber threats.

Personnel must recognize the role they play in the ISMS. This Maritime Cyber Security Overview enables students to understand the vulnerabilities in their systems, the associated risks and actions they can take to mitigate them. As a system standard, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 provides basic, agreed requirements for good management practices, in particular the process controls common to all information security management systems. However, these minimal requirements only establish a framework for exceptional organizational performance, they do not guarantee it.  QMII also offers a Maritime Cyber Security Auditor and an ISM Auditor course.

The Maritime Cyber Security Overview training in Houston is one option for the training.


QMII’s Maritime Cyber Security Overview training enables candidates to:

  • Implement the controls necessary for ensuring the SMS effectively addresses cyber threats/incidents
  • Implementation of mitigation measures to address cyber risks
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities related to Information Security Management
  • Basic Cyber-Hygiene
  • Use the Information Security Management System to work proactively and not reactively
  • Ship managers, port managers and harbor masters
  • VP/Directors of IT and IS
  • ISO Managers/Management Reps
  • Flag State officers
  • IT professionals
  • Top managers , ship masters, office and vessel personnel

Because of our independence, you can bring your particular process and system concerns to class and the instructor will work to answer your questions as best as possible.


  • Lecture: Intro to Management Systems
  • Lecture: ISO 27001
  • Test: ISO 27001 Self Study
  • Workshop: ISO 27001 Clauses
  • Workshop: Analyzing Processes


  • Lecture: Understanding cyber security
  • Lecture: Cyber Hygiene
  • Workshop: Recognizing Cyber Threats
  • Lecture: Developing Process-Based Management Systems
  • Lecture: Cyber Risk Assessment Framework
  • Workshop: Implementing cyber security measures in the SMS

Attendees successfully completing the training provided receive a Certificate of Participation, which includes the number of training hours attended.

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