AS9100 lead auditor training

Eighty percent of all shipping accidents are the result of human error, but a closer look into the causes of that human error reveal that some part of the system or interaction within the system caused the human error and hence the accident.


Current Maritime Courses

QMII offers a variety of training courses to help ensure your organization is profiting the most from meeting the requirements of maritime standards. QMII’s training package comes with a unique set of benefits including:

  • Small class sizes resulting in high levels of student-to-instructor, and student-to-student interaction and post class-interaction
  • An effective training structure, that balances information volume, detail and comprehension
  • Varied content delivery approaches and examples to accommodate different learning styles
  • Tests after each lecture to gauge to the level of understanding of the course materials.
  • A volume of course locations (for in person training), times and dates from which to choose
  • Field experienced instructors, who themselves have participated in many maritime audits and consulting assignments before entering the classroom
  • Constantly updated material, to reflect maritime standard revisions, and also its changing uses, methods of application and best practices
  • Competitive course pricing and a range of potential discounts for more flexible pricing (if/when students can vary their schedules to take advantage of early, late and volume-based registrations)

Maritime training that delivers the results you need

Compliance with the international codes encourages the establishment of processes to ensure continual improvement. It leads to confidence on the part of all those involved in the management of the vessel that its ships comply with requirements.

Many organizations are advised by trainers and consultants to implement controls to ensure compliance without regard for process and system management. At QMII, our system professionals help our students ensure their systems are helping continually improve their organizations while also ensuring compliance.

In the maritime industry, managing ship and shore operations can pose complexities not seen by other industries. Our over 30 years’ experience helping companies focus on process and system management is the basis for our unique and recognized maritime training.

As part of our maritime services we also offer and facilitate:

  • Annual Security Exercises for ISPS A/13.1 & B/13.7
  • Security Exercises Combined w/ Pollution Control for ISPS A/13.1 & B/13.7
  • Safety, Security and Pollution Control for Top Management and Vessel Command Teams
  • Emergency Response for Vessel Command Teams and Company Emergency Response Teams