This workshop teaches a team-based approach to eliminating root causes through effective preventive and corrective action using the Eight Disciplines Problem Solving (8D) methodology.

At the heart of any management system is an engine for finding problems within the system, prioritizing problems based upon stakeholder needs (including financial impact), identifying root causes, eliminating the causes and putting the controls in place to make sure they never happen again. Using a hands-on approach, this workshop prepares the team to jump-start any preventive and corrective action process—whether your system is new or has been in place for years.

You will learn:

  • The corrective action process (meeting the requirements of ISO standards)
  • Selecting corrective action / problem solving teams
  • How nonconformity statements affect the corrective action process
  • Prioritizing non-conformities and corrective actions using Pareto analysis and based upon stakeholder requirements
  • Root cause analysis
  • Planning and executing corrective actions
  • Quality Managers
  • Improvement Specialists/Teams
  • Auditors
  • Process Owners
  • Functional managers


  • Lecture: Team – based Problem Solving
  • Workshop: Root Cause Analysis Simple
  • Workshop: Root Cause Analysis Complex

Attendees successfully completing the training provided receive a Certificate of Participation, which includes the number of training hours attended