Quality! Why is it so important? Quality can be defined as the standard of something as measured against requirement; the degree of excellence of achieving the requirement. Each day we read through hundreds and thousands of reviews just so we can buy a quality product or service. Even individuals searching for an ISO 9001 training are looking to identify a training provider that will provide quality training.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 is an international standard set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) that defines the framework for a quality management system.  Organizations that seek to deliver a quality product or service can use the framework to build a management system that would help attain this goal.

ISO 9001 Benefits

Even though many people have never heard of ISO or even ISO 9001, one might ask why do we need it?

Why not rely on this framework of reviews. However, those who relied on reviews will find that they are not a sure-shot formula to guarantee success in decision making. ISO 9001 also need not necessarily guarantee this. However, ISO 9001 is not meant for the customer, but for the organization implementing it. Although it is centered around the customer requirements, which primarily focuses on the customer, the benefit is to the organization implementing it.

There are many ways an ISO 9001 certificate can be beneficial.  When an individual obtains this certificate, the benefits are internally and externally. Customer satisfaction is the primary focus of the ISO 9001.  A quality system that Is implemented properly will result in customer satisfaction and a positive reputation for an organization.

ISO 9001 Training

ISO 9001 training provides an in-depth overview of the standard and how it is to be implemented.

ISO 9001 has come to signify a global base minimum for a quality management system. Inherent in the certification that customers see is a commitment from the organization to continually improve, to identify and segregate non-conforming outputs and to design controls to ensure the process can deliver per requirements. An organization purchasing from another halfway around the world has some level of confidence now in their assessment and purchase. ISO 9001 training will demonstrate that ISO themselves say don’t just rely on certification. Determine the type and extent of control on the outsourced provider based on their impact to your processes.

ISO 9001 training can be tailored for all levels of the organization. For management who want to understand their role in the system as also why they should invest in it. The workforce wants to understand how it benefits them and why they should adapt to the changes as they take place. Auditors need to understand the interpretation so they can assess if the system is being well run. So, while an organization may not need ISO 9001 certification, they can surely benefit from ISO 9001 and ISO 9001 training.

Here at QMII, we provide ISO 9001 lead auditor training in a unique format that allows all levels of the organization to attend the same class and leave when their relevant section is complete. Please Join us in one of our classes to learn more about ISO 9001 and how it can better your future.


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