QMII is approved as a Third-Party Organization (TPO) by the United States Coast Guard (USCG). The approval letter from the USCG is placed here. QMII is approved as a TPO valid up to April 30, 2026

Effective 01 April 2021 QMII is open to:

  1. Conduct audits of a Towing Safety Management System (TSMS), to verify compliance with the applicable sections of 46 CFR Subchapter M (Sub M).
  2. Issue TSMS certificates in compliance with 46 CFR Part 138.
  3. Conduct surveys of towing vessels to verify compliance with 46 CFR Sub M.
  4. Issue survey reports detailing the results of surveys, in compliance with 46 CFR Part 137.

What is Subchapter M?

46 CFR Subchapter M published in the Federal Register on June 20, 2016 sets the minimum safety standards for towing vessels ensuring that the domestic tugboat and towboat industry achieves the level of safety necessary to protect lives, the environment and property.

  • Applies to all U.S.-flag towing vessels larger than 26 feet, unless moving a barge carrying oil or hazardous materials; assistance towing vessels; workboats operating within a worksite.
  •  Seagoing tugboats greater than 300 GRT; and other inspected vessels that perform occasional towing.
  • Displaces the jurisdiction of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and preempt state regulation on vessel design, construction, alteration, repair, maintenance, operation, equipping, personnel qualifications and manning.
  • Although the rule is effective from July 20, 2016, existing vessels were not required to meet most of its requirements until July 20, 2018. However now the rules are effective.

QMII Advantage

  • QMII Auditors and Surveyors focus on the requirements. Audits should add value and not be an inconvenience.
  • QMII determines the strengths of your TSMS and where the opportunities for improvement may lie.
  • QMII personnel have vast maritime industry experience and expertise in implementation of effective management systems.
  • QMII training curriculum is designed to enable competence for participants.
  • QMII’s expertise and methodology allows us to streamline existing systems, that are weighted down with excessive paperwork, and turn them into user-friendly, efficient systems that determine customer and stakeholder requirements and ensure they are fulfilled.

TPO Services

  • Vessel Surveys
  • TSMS  Audits
  • Internal Auditor Training
  • Vessel Audits

Please also refer our consulting options should you choose the USCG option.

QMII with 30 plus years of experience is prepared to meet your 46 CFR subchapter M needs with auditors and surveyors from coast to coast.

For more information, please contact QMII.