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Using one of the TSMS compliance options to verify that their vessels are in continuous compliance, minimizes the need and presence of Coast Guard personnel on board the vessel as compared to the Coast Guard Option. Using a TSMS option may give companies more flexibility in their operational schedules.

46 CFR Subchapter M  requires within the TSMS establishment of safeguards to ensure mitigation of risks in safety and pollution in towing vessel operations. The CFR places responsibility for this squarely on the companies charged with the vessel’s management as also with the Masters of these vessels. Towing Safety Management Systems need not be complex and need to work for all concerned while also meeting the requirements of the CFR.

Owners or managing operators selecting the TSMS option must obtain a TSMS certificate issued under 46CFR § 138.305 at least 6 months before obtaining a Certificate of Inspection (COI) for any of their vessels covered by the TSMS certificate. Let the QMII team of experts work with your team to identify opportunities for improvement as also to meet your compliance needs.

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