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QMII is an international consulting, auditing and training firm. We empower commercial and governmental organizations to master the continual improvement of their Management Systems. We enable leaders and their teams to use process-based management systems to add value and prevent loss.

QMII management system consulting, auditing and training services enable you as our alumni and client to:

  • Develop and improve the management system that runs your organization
  • Refocus your system (to meet objectives)
  • Transition your system from conformity with one standard to conformity with several standards
  • Engage employees so they use the system to meet objectives and other requirements
  • Enable first-time system certification

The QMII brand is recognized as an industry leader in management system consulting, auditing and training. Our experienced consultants/instructors and lifelong commitment to our clients make our services exceptional. Our management system training allows for various learning styles. They include a mix of lectures and interactive workshops that give candidates a ‘real world’ experience. This enables them to hit the ground running after completing the training.

We hope you find your visit to our place on the web helpful and informative. In this more than 35 year journey of celebrating our clients’ success, we will continue to share lessons learned, while protecting our clients’ intellectual property.

Please tell me, Captain IJ Arora , what you want my team to do for your system to help you and your colleagues to deliver even more success.


Why choose QMII?


QMII honors your existing management system. We do not propose “one size fits all” solutions or impose systems to fit our template or standard. QMII management system experts listen and learn how your system works and then work with you to develop it so you can use and improve it to meet your objectives.


QMII training is designed to make you a value-adding SME withing your organization. QMII training can be tailored quickly and economically for any audience, without sacrificing the quality or integrity of the training solution.

Alumni for Life

At QMII we value our customers and thus in a long-standing tradition we proudly say that QMII Alumni are Alumni for life. We will answer, for free, for life, any of our Alumni’s questions.

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