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RTP is Exemplar Global’s new Training Provider Certification Scheme. Recognized Training Provider or RTP scheme allows QMII to focus better on delivering training centered around the development of competent auditors. In addition it provides QMII alumni free access to a suite of added benefits for a duration of 12 months available on Exemplar Global student portal –Exemplar LINK.

QMII’s training course content or course quality criteria remain the same under RTP as they were under TPECS. Exemplar Global has assessed QMII courses and recognized them to meet the high standards that Exemplar Global maintains.

  • 12 months of ongoing professional development and support provided by Exemplar Global
  • Graduate certification to enhance employment potential
  • Access to a self coaching and behavioral assessment (Work Style Assessment – WSA)
  • Access to Exemplar LINK, a dedicated platform to help professionals build their career pathway and identify and capitalize on opportunities
  • Access to an exclusive LinkedIn community to interact with other graduates and industry professionals to promote networking opportunities and skill sharing
  • Development opportunities through access to Exemplar Global webinars, online articles, and events
  • Improved support on their career path

Completing an Exemplar Global certified RTP course demonstrates that you’ve completed a course that is relevant to the assurance industry and can assist you to advance along this career path. You will also receive access to Exemplar Global’s library of continuing professional development, in addition to regular communications.

Those who previously took an Exemplar Global approved TPECS course with QMII or another training provider and are looking to get certified to another standard can do so under the RTP approval issued to QMII. QMII evaluates the validity of the training previously completed and will then offer registration in an upcoming course for the number of days needed to achieve knowledge for certification. To learn more contact our sales team.

The Work Style Assessment is an objective way to learn about your unique personality traits as an auditor and how they manifest on the job. This knowledge leads to a true understanding of capability and performance, and how they can be best utilized.

Insights revealed include:

  • Your individual strengths as an auditor
  • Coaching opportunities and self-managing considerations that benefit your auditing career
  • Areas to consider for ongoing professional development

These results can provide a deeper understanding of your skills so you can utilize your strengths for advantage.

Key points about the Work Style Assessment include:

  • It takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.
  • There are no right or wrong answers. It’s all about better understanding yourself.
  • A PDF report is generated and emailed to you within one hour of completion.

Learn more here

The graduate certificate will be accessible upon registration of your details in Exemplar LINK. Information on how to access your certificate will be provided automatically once the Work Style Assessment has been completed.

Exemplar Global will regularly contact you to deliver the benefits that come with the certification. As you approach the end of the 12 month period, you will be presented with the following options,
which include:

  • The process and requirements to applying for Exemplar Global personnel certification
  • The process to enroll in a further 12-month graduate program