Awareness Leadership Workshop

Remove the root causes of what ails many management systems. You want your top management team committed to the requirements of their management system. Clear the backlog of stale Corrective Actions to prepare for the surge of improvements flowing from the renewed leadership of your system.

Who cares about the system?

Management systems need top management commitment to work well. Yet many systems lack the necessary commitment. You may recognize some symptoms. Policy is ignored. Objectives are barely alive. Reactive corrective action is delayed. Employees are unsure about the system’s requirements. Consequently the system is not improved. addressing of risks is rare. Root causes of failure remain in the system. Employees are unaware of what the system should do for them. Management reviews are embarrassing. Leaders either do not show or do not contribute. Audits may temporarily energize the players.

Management representatives ask “Am I the only person who really cares?”

Who trained the leaders?

Many leaders do not explain their management systems. They may know the importance of certification, but they rarely explain why the system is vital for survival and growth. Why is this? Audit your training records. Do you have any evidence that the leaders were trained so they could show their commitment? Were the leaders trained in their overall management system? Competent leaders take responsibility for their system. They explain how their system works and why its requirements are so important to them. Unaware leaders blame employees for mistakes caused by their system.

Is your system perceived as worthy?

Even if your system is certified do not expect leaders to support it. Every organization is run by its system. Does the documented part of this system describe how it converts stakeholder needs into cash (or continued funding)? Is this the system that was certified? Is your system irresistible to the leaders? If not, show how your system converts needs into cash so top managers would not want to lead without it. Learn how others have developed systems to which top managers have committed themselves beyond certification here.

Everyone should fulfill their objectives and earn their bonuses by using and improving the system.

We listen to your objectives and design your workshop to fulfill your required outcomes. This may need system analysis to result in a diagram that explains how the system converts needs into cash. Once you approve the specification we quote the cost of the investment inclusive of our expenses.

Your facilitator has helped many willing and reluctant managers to understand and commit to their systems for over 30 years leading as a management systems consultant and auditor.

  • Leaders by job title
  • Leaders by personality


  • AM — Lecture: Awareness Leaders Workshop
  • PM — Workshop: Awareness Leaders Workshop

Attendees successfully completing the training provided receive a Certificate of Participation, which includes the number of training hours attended.