Here is what our alumni have to say about our training

United Airlines
We really enjoyed the 9001:2008 course that we took through QMII and were able to take the knowledge that we gained through that course to allow us to successfully have our ISO certification renewed for another three years. Thank you for your time and assistance.
Daryl Heckard
QCM/Safety, Professional Contract Services, Inc.
Thank you for providing such a fantastic class atmosphere. This is my first internet based class so to say I was a bit skeptical is an understatement; however, QMII has changed my opinion of such tools. The team is very well equipped, organized, and obviously well versed in their trade. I had the pleasure of taking the ISO 9001 course through QMII which was equally as impressive. Thank you for providing me your very best, and in return, I will continue to come to you for all my training and consulting needs.

Division Manager,Large DoD Contractor,CO
QMII provided a superb Online ISO9001 Auditor class. One of the most important aspects was their ability to conduct the 4-day class in a live web-based format! In these times of tight budgets this saved our company the associated travel expenses. The Lead Instructor (IJ) brought a wealth of real world experience to the curriculum which truly added a lot of value to the learning experience! IJ’s sharing of his ISO oriented philosophy and experiences reinvigorated my approach to our Quality Program, even after doing this kind of work for more than 20 years. I highly recommend QMII!

Transocean, TX
I have had plenty of opportunity to use what I learned in the training. I have recommended your training to some other safety techs and have given them your name and the website link. I have consulted on other vessels within our fleet and have used my training to both prepare for all levels of audits and to perform internal audits. Was satisfied with the QMSLA training and Bill Moore was a very good instructor and performed the role play exceptionally well. I thought the class was very challenging and recommend that anyone who takes the LA class have had a previous course with you in one of your “junior” auditing courses.

Please let me thank you for a most positive experience attending your recent QMS RABQSA Lead Auditor’s course. It was both a professional AND personal pleasure to participate under your leadership and most enjoyable instruction. The value of your course presentation is immeasurable. Your unique, dynamic, and highly expert teaching style was the key attribute in this regard. I can safely say your presentations equal, and virtually exceed, all of my previous training and education in my 30-year Navy training continuum. In my personal opinion, the time, effort, and resources were well invested by the Coast Guard and top Leadership and Managers would benefit from your instruction.

AMC/Red River Army Depot, TX
I thought this course was excellent. Very good balance between lecture & workshops. Builds a solid foundation for our lead auditor experience. Found the entire book very useful.

Very satisfied with all aspects of the course. This is a great tool for my toolkit and I fully intend on obtaining full certification. Thank you so much!

Wanted to give you a little feedback on the ISO Lead Auditor Course taught by IJ Aurora of QMII, of which I recently attended as an observer. IJ is a great instructor and I hope the CG continues to retain their services. Some notes I took during my time there about IJ: -organized -articulate -great course materials -humorous -knowledgeable -clear expectations -always met class needs -always ensured questions answered, would not move on until everyone clear -vim/vigor, lively contagious attitude -examples on target and pertinent to the Coast Guard I could go on, but you would probably think he paid me to say this! However, these talents are what keep students interested and engaged. Topics such as ISO auditing is oftentimes dry, and hard to follow/ understand. IJ’s talents as an instructor made it fun.

Transocean, TX
I have had nothing but good feedback from our course attendees, “Excellent course and top notch instructor”. Thanks for providing good training and I will certainly refer all who request Lead Auditor/Auditor training to your organization.

Red River Army Depot, TX
Instructor was very professional, courteous and informative. He kept the class interesting, even through the dry areas. Top notch!

Royal Caribbean
Not coming from an auditing background I found the delivery of the presentations as well as the content to be of excellent value. The instructors are obviously very well versed in the subject matter and was very aware and attentive to our needs, never rushing us and ensuring our questions were always answered. All our objectives were met.

Continental Maritime (Northrup Grumman), CA
We have sent additional people to the Lead Auditing class and I believe we have two more attending this summer. This is all due to the very positive learning experience I had attending your class in August of 2001. Very professional and the content has helped me every day in my job. Just wanted to say “thank you” to a company whose product far exceeded my expectations. It was worth every penny!

I recently attended a class (Lead Auditor) held at my place of employment (FEMA). The instructor was Mr. Mike Kovalyk . The class was very constructed, organized and informative. I enjoyed the class very much; he is an excellent speaker and instructor.

Rowan Companies, TX
I wanted to thank you for this weeks classes. It was my pleasure to be able to attend such courses with a professional that has so much knowledge in the topics covered.
Thank you so much for your wonderful training. Your class was awesome, so appreciated, and much needed.