Accident Investigation done right identifies the root causes to prevent recurrence or occurrence of similar incidents

This accident investigation and root cause analysis workshop introduces participants to a methodology for conducting an effective accident/incident investigation. The workshop builds upon the use of management systems to prevent incidents/accidents and promote a safety culture.

At the heart of any management system is an engine for finding problems within the system, prioritizing problems based upon stakeholder needs (including financial impact), identifying root causes, eliminating the causes and putting the controls in place to make sure they never happen again. Using a hands-on approach, this workshop prepares the team responsible on the:

  • Techniques to collect and preserve data during an accident investigation
  • Methods to interview relevant personnel
  • Factors to consider in determining the root causes

Participants attending this accident investigations workshop are also introduces to a team-based approach to eliminating root causes through effective preventive and corrective action. Various industries, such as maritime and aviation, publish their own codes/guides on conducting accident investigation. To tailor this course for your audience/industry contact us. 

You will learn:

  • The value of conducting effective investigations within a management system
  • An approach to effective incident investigation
  • Risk-Based thinking as a preventive tool
  • Prioritizing non-conformities and corrective actions using Pareto analysis and based upon stakeholder requirements
  • Performing effective root cause analysis
  • Implementing a safety culture
  • Top management
  • Personnel involved in the conduct of incident investigations and prevention
  • Those responsible for implementation and maintenance of safety standards
  • Problem-solving / Issue Resolution team members
  • Functional managers


  • Lectures Include:
    • An Introduction to systems to manage risks
    • An introduction to Investigations to include types of incidents, their potential causes, initial response to an incident, preserving the scene, capturing evidence, interviews, data analysis, and identification of root causes
    • Accident Causation Model: Indirect, Direct and Root Causes of Incident
    • The human factor and ‘deadly dozen’ in safety
    • Reporting the Investigation
    • Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Action
    • Building an effective Safety Culture as a preventive tool
  • The workshops include:
    • Conduct of an investigation
    • Root Cause Analysis of an Incident

Attendees successfully completing the training provided receive a Certificate of Participation, which includes the number of training hours attended