01 Apr 2020

AS9110-Why do management systems fail?

Why do management systems fail?


During a recent discussion with a friend and client the topic was raised on why AS9110 quality management systems fail? What are the pain points that organizations face from a system perspective?

While there may be many pain points for AS9110 management system failures, the reason why AS9110 and ISO 9001 may often seem a burden and pain to many, is because the Top Management and those subsequently under fail to “Appreciate the Management System ™”.  What does it really mean to appreciate one’s system? Where do we start and how do we go about it? Let us start by looking at the definitions.

Appreciate (verb; ap·pre·ci·ate)

  • to grasp the nature, worth, quality, or significance of <appreciate the difference between right and wrong>
  • to value or admire highly <appreciates our work>
  • to judge with heightenedperception or understanding :  be fully aware of <must see it to appreciate it>
  • to recognize with gratitude <certainly appreciates your kindness>
  • to increase the value of

An AS9110 quality management system describes the set of procedures an organization needs to follow in order to meet its objectives (as defined by SAE/ISO). It helps systemize how things are done.

AS9110 systems only succeed beyond a certificate on the wall once management grasps the value that the system can provide to them. The certification is only an outcome of a well running system. The true value lies in the reduction of process waste and re-work, resulting in savings that add to the bottom line and satisfied customers who get a product that meets their requirements each time. While a number of studies have been done around the world to try and correlate AS9110 to the financial success of companies, there has been no concrete evidence to prove this. However, almost 95% of organizations surveyed claim improvements.

When managements appreciate their AS9110 management systems they are fully aware of the context of their organization and the associated risks and take action to address them; to stay ahead of the curve and in business. People are integral to the system and in appreciating the system the personnel are appreciated. The AS9110 management system truly appreciated and implemented moves the blame away from the individual and onto the system. This encourages a system of reporting of non-conformities to ensure timely action taken to address them; a system where risks are proactively identified, reported and addressed. Motivated teams support the system and the organization in driving value for customers in all they do.

Other common pain points we have identified over the years, in AS9110 quality management systems are a lack of competent personnel to meet objectives, over documentation of the system, disconnect between management and the workforce due to the lack of feedback channels both up and down.

QMII works with its clients to appreciate their existing management system. As a result we do not come in with a template but work with your existing system to assist you in filling the gaps and improving it whether it is conformity to an ISO standard or AS9110, building stronger teams or coaching the leadership in development of policy and strategy.

So consider the value of appreciating your system for as Steve Job says “Quality is not expensive  … it is priceless”!