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With the QMII interactive class room experience, you can benefit from high quality QMII training without travel hassles or expenses. This also translates into less time away from family/work.

In our virtual courses you will use GoToTraining, an interactive learning platform. The Virtual QMII Classroom (VQC) can be accessed from your Desktop, Laptop or Tablet with an internet connection.

You will:

  1. Receive a link that you can use to access the classroom.
  2. Input your name so that the instructor can identify you.
  3. Have speakers or headphones so that you can listen to the instructor.

Your online classroom includes:

  • Interactive Video so you can see the instructor and if you have a camera the instructor can see you, too!
  • Whiteboards that instructors and students can use to draw and write on. (Just like a classroom)
  • A Presentation Board to present class material / videos / screen share.
  • A chat room for sharing your comments with all participants or directly to the instructor.
  • The ‘Raise Hand’ option to draw the instructor’s attention just as in a classroom.
  • Break-out rooms are assigned to groups for work on workshops as in a classroom setting.

To learn more contact us at 888.357.9001 or email