What is problem solving?

What is problem solving? Problem solving is defined as the act of defining a problem, Identifying, prioritizing, and selecting alternatives for a solution and then implementing a solution. A problem – solving process is necessary for all business #management-systems. Why? Because #leadership wants to see continual improvement in their systems and identifying solutions that will effectively prevent recurrence of a problem will enable this. #Leadership needs to ensure their employees are provided with the appropriate training in problem solving techniques to develop and enhance this skill set. Identifying an effective solution can be accomplished by following the proper methodology.

At #QMII, our Problem-Solving workshop  teaches a team-based approach to eliminating root causes through effective corrective action using the eight-discipline problem solving (8D) methodology.


What is the Eight Discipline (8D) methodology?

The Eight Discipline Methodology (8D) is a problem-solving approach that we most used in various industries. Originally developed by the Ford company, The purpose of this methodology is to identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems, making it useful in product and process improvement.  It consists of 8 steps: Create a team, Define the Problem, Contain the problem. Identify the Root Causes, Choose Corrective Actions, Implement and Validate Corrective Actions, Take Preventive Measures, and Thank the Team.


Define the problem

Although problems are initially a part of life, we as humans often make the mistake of trying to find a solution right away. We tend to forget that solutions are at the end and not the beginning of a structured process. Often too little time is spent on defining the problem statement well. Time is focused on fixing the issue and dealing with the consequences. Often then, organizations move on to fighting the next fire and a quick problem-solving effort is conducted to “justify” a pre-determined root cause. A well-defined problem is the beginning of a corrective action.


The QMII Way

QMII has over 35 years’ experience in systems approach and have successfully applied the 8D approach to problem solving. While there are many approaches to Problem Solving the 8D methodology encompasses the five whys and this is easy for all to understand and then implement. QMII connects the problem-solving approach to the system and in our workshop, we teach students where root cause analysis may lead to other tools as FMEA, Mistake Proofing, and Causal Analysis.  While the workshops help students identify the problem it also helps them understand and implement the remaining steps in the 8D methodology.

Our goal at QMII is educate students/clients on how to identify/appreciate the root causes of the problem to prevent further issues and to address the cause(s), which ultimately leads us to the outcome that should be a conforming product/service/output.  Good management systems ensure that processes remain the focus and result in conforming outputs.

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